lost remainings christmas special video

okay so about a week ago () i just randomly remembered this one remainings video where he played roblox christmas games as a christmas special. so i tried to find this video on his page and i couldnt for the life of me find this video. so i turned to looking for reuploads on youtube, still couldnt find it. so then i started going crazy. i had to find this video. so the first step i did was to get evidence that this video even existed. so i looked up "remainings christmas roblox" on google and quickly found (first result) a mention of the video on the roblox fandom wiki (fandom your website fucking sucks)

here is evidence that the video did in fact exist and i was not going crazy. so next step was looking at archives on the wayback machine of the remainings channel before the video was taken down. problem is that, youtube has updated there url system so the earliest captures are from late 2022. so i had to get the old channel url to look at the old captures. now this task is really easy, like its literally the second result on google for "remainings roblox" but of course i didnt know that so i looked far and wide for this damn link for like 30 minutes not knowing it was right there on the first page of google -_- . anyways i eventually found the old link and went to the wayback machine again. so i load up a archive and i FIND THE VIDEO (kind of). you see, the video is archived, but NONE of them work at all. BUT, this is still huge because now we have the link AND thumbnail.

but now what? i dont really know. i have tried to find a preview of the video on the video section of google, and those "out of context" style video to no luck. so now im just sitting here not sure where to look. i would have but this on the blog but i feel like this deserves its own page. i will update as i find more things but for now, this is were the search stands as of may 2nd 2024. if you have anything on this video please send a message in the chatbox below, or just chat idc. bye! ^_^