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june 14th 2024

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im not gonna update this website anymore for about a couple months. i already havent updated since like the start of may. the reason is because i im not gonna have a pc for a bit and dont feel like updating on my phone. theres a lot i can get into right now but im just gonna keep it short and say that there will be no updates for a bit. ill see you soon i hope. byeeeeeee!!!!! (๑´• .̫ •ू`๑)

apr 30th 2024

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okay i havent really updated this blog (and website) in like a week but thats because 1. my computer got fucked up 2. nothing really interesting happened to talk about and 3. im lazy as shit. so heres a small little post about my absence!! :D. basically just did nothing all week other than listen to music, watch youtube, and play games. like usual -_- . byye!!1 ^_^

apr 23rd 2024

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the website is now 1 month old! and i still havent fully updated the index, it still looks like shit but i kinda like it that way. to celebrate the 1 month anniversary of this site im probably not do anything other than this blog post and the banner on the index. maybe like a new webpage but im kind of lazy so no promises. okay now im going to talk somthing else. yesterday speedrun 4 on roblox had there 10th anniversary so they did a event for it. and it was fucking ass, so im going to complain about it. first off, the music doesnt hit as hard as the original levels do. this isnt important at all but the music fucking bangs in the original levels. second, i dont like the levels that much. there not too easy or too hard but just really mid compared to the others. also some of the level design's are also really easy to skip the entire level to the end because your supposed to go look in the level decorations for dounts to unlock the next level so everything has collision. and the donuts that you find are clearly ai generated. the game has a billlon visits and they cant just hire and artist? also you have to go into diffrent games to collect more donuts to unlock a special level which is really annoying. and i dont like the level design it just looks off. conclusion is i dont like it very munch. byye!!1 ^_^

apr 22nd 2024

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welcome to my blog ^_^!!! here i will take about random ass things with no specific theme. anything i want to talk about basically. speaking of, this website is going to be a month old tomorrow! ill probaly put somthing in the index for it tomorrow. like a banner at the top that says "1 MONTH ANNIVERSARY!!" or somthing like that. another thing thats kind of realvent to the website is that my laptop screen is fucked and broken and now half the screen has a green tint. not really a big deal but kinda inconvenient because now i cant see stuff how it was originally intended too look. also while im writing this (apr 22nd 2024 9:00PM) my website is about to reach 2000 views! its currently at 1997 (spamton deltarune reference) and i will probaly not really do anything for it. maybe a mention and the banner thing for the anniversary since i might hit it tomorrow. thats basically it for now until i update it tomorrow! bye1!1!!! :)