my name is hazel!

some of my hobbies are: listening to music, playing roblox, surfing the web, and making this website! ^_^

i use they/them prounouns and are a minor

here are just a few of my favorite albums/EPs for no reason lol 0_0

your arms are my cocoon - self titled
genre: 5th wave emo / bedroom screamo

free throw - those days are gone
genre: midwest emo

leroy - dariacore 2: enter here, hell to the left
genre: dariacore / hyperflip

cat.flp - jerkin' at ryōō high 2024 #moefuture
genre: jerk

merchant ships - shipsography
genre: skramz

just realized this isnt really an a about me anymore but more of a favorite albums type page lol ^_^

anyway more about myself, my favorite colors are: green, orange, pink, purple, and yellow. i really really REALLY love undertale and deltarune (fangames too like uty and deltatraveler ^_^), i love the scott pilgrim comics and movie (havent seen the show yet). i like the azumanga daioh and lucky star anime. zombies are cool i guess, and i enjoy playing tower defence simulator on roblox.

thats basically it :p

bye!!!11 o_________o